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Why should you have a travel journal on your trip?

Why should you have a travel journal on your trip?

We travel three times on a single trip. The planning phase, the actual trip and the remembering phase.

  1. The planning phase of your trip

The first time is when we start planning. Watching YouTube videos of Top 10 things to do when in Peru or Food you must try when in Nepal is a great way to start your trip. Brain neurons are complex and complicated but the basic mechanism that when we watch these videos for our brain it is almost the same as we actually are already there. It is the similar effect as when we see somebody break a leg, we start to feel our leg hurt as well and we try to look away. This is an extremely powerful and fun activity as true travelers really enjoy this first part of the travel journey.



2. The Actual trip phase

The second part is the trip itself. All our ideas and thoughts about a country, place and the people come to life. The awe of experiencing a foreign county for the first time is a mysterious experience. It seems like every problem that you have is some come postponed and there is no need to think about it at this moment of time. Everything is in its perfect place and every worry left on the border of our own country. When the trip ends comes the final part of our trip. Our remembering of the adventures that we had on our trip is still very much alive. As we talk to our friends about our experiences our eyes are light and even though we are back in our home city, we are back in the country that we visited earlier. Every song, sight, picture, smell, food, experience comes to life as we remember the trip.



3. Remembering phase

This is what every traveler goes through every time he or she travels. One thing that is sometimes missing in our digital, fast-moving age is to write our thoughts down. Pictures and videos can bring us back to a place and time, but it cannot bring us back to our head when we were at that certain place and time. Travel adventure journals are a perfect way how we can look back on how we really felt when we were younger, sunburned and in love on the beaches of Bali. Travel log can give as a glimpse on how we enjoy that Pad Thai on Thailand or Ceviche in Lima, but we did not like that rude waiter when we are in the new hot spot place on Manhattan. It is often neglected that our brain is always tricking us into remembering things differently than what we really experience at that moment. As we age our brain cells are losing the fight with reality. Writing a travel journal is a good way to postpone aging as when we read our thoughts it is not we as a 40-year-old mom with two kids, we are 19-year-old careless teenager on the trip of her lifetime.

We should not forget that moments like that makes life living for.

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