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What to write in your travel journal?

What to write in your travel journal?

There a lot of reasons why you should write a travel journal as we wrote about why you should have a travel journal on your trip. This is the perfect way to remember all the fun moments we had on our travels. As fun as it is to write a journal, it is sometimes a good thing to see some interesting topics that we can focus on when we are running our journal as it will give us a structure for our writing. You do not have to be Shakespeare to write down your thoughts and here are Eltures 3 interesting travel journal ideas that you can focus on in your adventure journal.

1. Tell the story of the trip through the people of the country

Sometimes the best way to know a country is to get to know the people of the country. Breaking the stereotypes that we hold in our heads is a hard thing to do but if we truly want to know a country we need to do this. It is interesting to write down a story of one man/women that we met on our trip. Ask them about their family, friends, job and hobbies. Most people love to talk about themselves and it will be an interesting topic to write about. All the differences that we think we have with people from some other country will break here. You will see that we hold the same fears and wishes as our friends 10.000 miles away.



2. Hidden gems

The most beautiful feeling in the world is to get lost in a foreign city. It is often then that we experience the highlight of our trip. Go deep dive into anything that you find then. It can be just one sight that will stay in your memory. It can be a sight of a dog

3. Food

It is easy to find top places to visit on sites like Tripadvisor or some interesting travel blog but hidden gems are a golden topic that we can own. A small genuine Italian vintage restaurant in Toscani is an extremely interesting thing to write about. Write everything about it as how you stumbled upon it, what is the smell in the restaurant, are the waiters cool and slick or classy, what is on the menu and much, much more. As you will remember the Italian days you will thank you younger self that you wrote about this carefully and diligently.



Whatever content idea for your travel journal you have to remember to have fun when writing. It is the only way to keep doing it. The more you write, the better you will become and more fun it will be for you.

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