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About us

Elture is a travel and adventure blog and webshop made by travelers for travelers. We know how deep love for traveling can be, that’s why we offer everything from motivational travel t-shirts to handpicked accessories. Showcase your love for traveling even when you’re not on one of your adventures!

We are dedicated to providing the best customer experience through our top-notch customer service that will always try to do what is best for the customer. 

 Our biggest passion in life is providing you with the products and content that we want to use and read ourselves!



Elture name is made by combining two of our favorite words: travel and adventure. If you take the last part of the words travel and adventure you get our raison d'etre - to live life to the fullest. We want to bring to our customers content and products that we want read and use ourselves and this is our biggest passion in life.


Travel is on thing that makes all humanity more equal and free. It is when we face our stereotypes head on we truly can understand other human being but ourselves as well. We should understand our world and the people of the world to truly understand ourselves as the differences that we have. All people that are part of the family at Elture are travellers and we share the same passion. This is what drives us and our personal growth.


We want to go one step at the time as the gradual growth is the most healthy one. In the words of Albert Einstein - "Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value". This in combination with our passion for travel is the main driver of Elture.

Mission - "Experience more through travel and share this feeling often"

We try to do this through our content and blog. Sharing travel content with the community is a nice way to make humanity more equal and free as it fosters understanding. It does not matter if it is through video or pictures, just share. 

Vision - "Make a better world by changing one thing about yourself through travel"

We try to do this through making people want to travel more. Often on our travels we get the mindset of changing ourselves for the better. When we are abroad we are more likely to change and this it he moment when we change the world. It is impossible for one single person to fix any of the problems in the world if that person is not willing to change.

giving back to the environment

If you like to travel, you probably love to spend time in the nature, near the ocean and in the woods. We are dedicated to giving our small contribution to keep the environment as it is. It is a hard task but we all have a duty to planet Earth, so our future generation can enjoy travel and the nature as we can now. Every little donation can help.

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