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Why should you backpack solo?

Why should you backpack solo?

Backpacking. Depending on the kind of person that you are, this either sounds like an adventure or torture. Add the word “solo” and you may find yourself shaking with dread and fear. But don’t worry! Your first solo backpacking trip can be an amazing journey, both externally and internally. There’s nothing like getting away… alone… particularly into the mountains… to make you open your soul and grow more in touch with yourself.

You should always make a plan, especially for you more worrisome ones. Find a  route that’s perfect for your situation - not only your abilities but also your comfort level and estimated amount of hassle.

The word solo is in the title. Even if you take your dog along, you may find yourself feeling lonely. Consider taking a sketchbook, journal, or camera to help keep you busy! But don’t be afraid to get introspective… there’s nowhere better than a solo trip to find yourself. You can do this! Don’t doubt the older version of you who decided to schedule this trip. You have this and you can have fun. 



Why Should You Take Your First Backpacking Trip Solo?

1. You will discover your weaknesses and your strengths.

You will be absolutely alone, with no one else to rely on. There is no better time to discover your strengths and weaknesses. Are you all thumbs when it comes to setting up tents? You will find that out quickly on Night #1. Are you really good at finding a trail if you’re lost? Yay!

Being alone with your mind is an often hard experience for people who do not often try to do introspection. This can be hard as everybody has some baggage in our lives that hunt us. When you are solo this baggage will come to visit you often. This is not a reason not to do is as it can be a liberating experience to be faced with your thoughts for a longer period of time.

2. Your self-confidence will explode.

Imagine how you will feel after you return from the trip. You will have survived your first solo backpacking trip! How many people can say that? Just imagine the boost to your self-confidence and the rush you will feel after this kind of adventure.

The people you meet, the things you will eat, the memories you will gain. It will be an explosion of beautiful experiences that you can achieve only if you go for it.

3. You will come to appreciate nature on your own pace.

You will be taking this trip at your own pace and if you decide to slow down to look at one specific leaf for an obnoxiously long amount of time, then it’s up to you! Your own pace, your own interests, your own unique view of the world of nature!

When you are traveling with others you will often do things that you don't want to do and this is fine as you will company. When you are alone everything you wish you can do and it just depends on you if you will!



What are you waiting for? The great big world is out there, and there is no reason for you not to explore it! Make plans for your first solo backpacking trip. Research your route, make a plan, prepare to defend yourself. Prepare to get out there and discover both yourself and this beautiful planet we live on!

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